Transfering items via a cancel mail

What is this suggestion related to (eg. Website / Launcher / The game itself / etc. ): Postal service.

Description: I had to transfer a decent amount of items from Prontera to Hodd because I wanted to craft some cosmetics there. I had to transfer more items than I could carry. I decided to mail my second character and then send that mail back after I free some space on my main. To prevent going back to Prontera and paying for the ship ticket.
Turned out I don’t need to do all of that. The only thing I had to do is to send some mail from Prontera to my mule, then travel to Hodd and then just use the cancel mail via the Hodd postal service. So I don’t even need to “use” a mule, I just need the mule only to send my mail to and cancel that mail at a certain postal office.
My suggestion is to tie the cancel mail feature to the post office where the mail was sent from.