Trick attack is not working

Skill/Item name (if relevant):
trick attack

Class/Level (if relevant):

Party or solo:

Describe the problem:
crt hit rate is 0%

What was the expected behavior?:
crt hit rate is 150%

List the steps that occurred before the problem appeared:

Can you reproduce the problem?:

Screenshots/Videos (if available):

Just tested it and I can’t see any problem with it, it does give you bonus critical hit rate.

I assume you may be confused about what the “Critical Hit Rate 150%” mean. It doesn’t mean that you will have 150% chance of landing a critical hit all the time. It increases your own critical hit chance by 1.5x when hitting with this skill. So if you have 50 crit rate, it’s going to become 75 when using this skill.

ok i got it
thx for ur work :grin: