Unripe Puku-Puku AI appears bugged

Party or solo:

Describe the problem:
While fighting an Unripe Puku-Puku along the Coastal Route West of Hodemimes, sometimes at low HP they will flee out of their spawn area, become untargetable and then snap back to their original position and begin healing. On a few occasions where I’ve managed to follow them closely enough to still kill them before they heal, they keep moving even after death.

What was the expected behavior?:
Expected the Unripe Puku-Puku to flee around within its spawn range, and drop to the ground inanimate after being killed.

List the steps that occurred before the problem appeared:

  1. Battling Unripe Puku-Puku with melee weapon (dagger in this case)
  2. As the monster’s HP gets low, it begins running away
  3. At a certain chance, it might run away down a cliff and/or outside of its spawn range, become untargetable and after some seconds snap back to its original position
  4. If the player manages to catch up and finish it off, the monster will stay in flight as it alive even though it is possible to loot from it.

Can you reproduce the problem?:
Not on every attempt, but it happens especially frequently with Unripe Puku-Puku that spawn right next to a cliff.

Screenshots/Videos (if available):