Weird two-phased evasion

Skill/Item name (if relevant):

Class/Level (if relevant):

Party or solo:

Describe the problem: Monster are not evading properly. Sometimes, when the first (incorrect evading is happening, you might not leave the combat stance, which ends up you are stuck in combat for a very long time.

What was the expected behavior?:

List the steps that occurred before the problem appeared:

Can you reproduce the problem?: Yes.

Screenshots/Videos (if available):

On the video, you have two different cases when a monster can lose its aggro:

  1. The first one is when the combat lasted too long without any hits being done. In this situation the combat session gets terminated on both ends (for you and for the AI) and the monster AI transitions to the idle state.
  2. The second case was when you dragged the monster too far away from its spawn point. In this case the monster transitions to a special returning state, when it becomes invincible, faster, gains high health regen, and runs back to its spawn point. This is an exceptional situation and it shouldn’t happen normally, it’s done to prevent abusing situations when some monsters physically can’t go to some parts of the map while you can still hit them.
    Not sure if I can improve this somehow and even if I should.