Where did I get that evasion from?

Skill/Item name (if relevant):

Class/Level (if relevant): Assassin/16

Party or solo: Solo

Describe the problem: Too much evasion. The base value is 100, +16 that I get from stats, +3 that I get from gear.
According to the formulas, the amount that I should have got is 100+8+3. And I think if LUK contributes something to that, then that amount is quite small to be shown in the /attributes (The wiki says that LUK does increase evasion rating, but doesn’t show the exact formulas). Either I got +8 evasion from broken dexterity formula that actually gives +2 evasion rating per DEX or 1 LUCK gives +8 evasion rating, or I got +8 from some other sources. My only guess is a get +1 evasion rating per ever 2 character levels.

What was the expected behavior?: 100+8+3=111

List the steps that occurred before the problem appeared:

Can you reproduce the problem?:

Screenshots/Videos (if available):


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