Ymir Map Skip Glitch

Quest/Event/Dungeon Name, NPC Name:
Cave of Ymir Lv2

Level 18 Beserker

Party or solo:

Describe the problem (please hide any spoilers under the “Hide Details” block):
You can skip into level 2 of the map past the boulder

List the steps that occurred before the problem appeared:

  1. Find gap in boulder
  2. to the right of the gap there is a spot you can jump that normally you cant walk into, once you are in the spot standing in mid air; go into character select
  3. You will now be ontop of the rock, next you’ll make an attempt to jump past it towards the new area
  4. Once you find the highest point you can jump, that will be the point that you hit character select again
  5. You will reload near the same area but this time you’ll be able to jump past the invisible barrier and into Ymir Level 2

Are you stuck and can’t progress further?:
No I can Kafra out or die; there are also monsters back here

Can you reproduce the problem?:
Yes did it twice now

Screenshots/Videos (if available):