/attributes values compare to character sheet values

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Describe the problem:

  1. This is my character wearing no gear at all. The values of MeleeHitRateAttribute, MeleeEvasionRateAttribute and MeleeCritalHitRateAttribute seems to be okay.

  2. Adding Evasion Rate +1 boots. Everything looks accurate.

  3. Adding Accuracy Rate +1 gloves. MeleeHitRateAttribute goes up to 160 in /attribute tab which is corret, because previous vales was 150, but 160 MeleeHitRateAttribute is not displayed correctly in character sheet. 160=16% but according to the screenshot 160=15%.

  4. Adding Evasion Rate +1shirt. This time everything seems to be correct. Adding Evasion Rate +1 adds +10 attribute values which ends up with 12% Evasion Rate at the character sheet. But equipping Evasion Rate +1 shirt for some reason fixed the previous “160=15%” problem. And all values are fine again.

In this part, I did a reverse subsequence.

  1. Unequipping Evasion Rate +1shirt. Everything looks perfect.

  2. Unequipping Accuracy Rate +1 gloves. Exact same step 3 stuff happens. Back to the “160=15%” problem.

  3. Unequipping Evasion Rate +1 boots. This step fixed everything again. The values are again the same.

Now is the funny part. Its possible to make this: Exact same character with exact same passive skills/items equipped/level/stats e.t.c. Screenshots was made right after i figured out how can i repeat the bug.

List the steps to reproduce the problem (if relevant):

  1. Equip “Practice gloves”. Which i think causes the attribute=/=character sheet problem. Make sure “Practice gloves” equipping order is not in the last place.

  2. Than “fix” the “attribute=/=character sheet” problem by equipping or unequipping any item. Works with items i have so far: Shield, shirt, boots.

  3. Unequip “Practice gloves” in the last place.

  4. Get different stats at character sheet with the exact same character.

Screenshots/Videos (if available):

Thank you. Fixed.
MeleeHitRateAttribute was not in the list of attributes that trigger attribute value update on the client. So you could change it all you want but the client couldn’t see the changes unless some other attribute on the list changes as well.