Bandits are lagging to much

What this problem is related to? (e.g. Game / Launcher / Website / etc. ): Game

Describe the problem: Bandits are lagging to much in deferent ways. Sometimes if you start a fight with m2 it needs some time to get bandit into the fight. Which feels like high ping which is actually not. Sometimes bandits do not react to the player attacks.

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I think this happens only for the monsters that have fixed-point spawns (who don’t move when idle). And from what I’ve noticed they don’t start to fight if the character is already in their attack range.

I can confirm, that happens only with non patrolling monsters, that is for sure. But sometimes they are active and could fight. I cant tell what is the condition to make them active. I thought it based on from which side player moves to the bandit. Also about they don’t start fight if the character is already in their attack range: i had the case once when i was standing right on the non patrolling bandit spawn point. It spawned with nice attack on me, after that the bandit model appeared.
The hardest part is i cant understand what causes the dummy bandit activation. I would say its random, if you ask me. Which is of course not true.