Closed Beta Test #2 Announcement

Greetings, and sorry for the long wait.

A lot has happened since the previous beta test. In addition to a lot of bug fixes and improvements that had to be done before the next test, there was a slight change of plans (more on that below).

In addition to that, russia has managed to start a full-fledged war and genocide in my country, so that didn’t help either. Me and my family are safe for now (at least, comparing to a lot of other people in Ukraine). But it was hard to find some time and mental strength to properly work on this project. And the war is far from being over yet, the situation can change anytime, so please excuse me if I won’t be able to fulfill the promises that I’m going to give in this post.

So first of all, please check out our progress report if you haven’t done so yet.

Another important thing is the CBT2 and CBT3 got combined together, there won’t be any CBT3 any more. After CBT2 is over, we’re going to start the Open Beta Test, which means running the project non-stop, 24/7 from that point forward.

Closed Beta Test #2 starts on Saturday, July 2nd 2022 at 8:00 AM UTC. And it’s going to include full base set of game features like parties, trades, auction market, etc.
Game content is going to include the Hoddmimis regions, first level of Cave of Ymir, and the Prontera regions. Other regions are going to be inaccessible. Level cap is going to be increased to 25.

How to participate: you just need to have an account on Ymirheim ID (it’s used to log into all our services: game, forums, wiki…). And although it’s labeled as a closed beta test, new participants will be able to join with minimal wait time. We just going to accept new registrations in a more controlled way and pause the registrations if some critical problem with our infrastructure occurs.

Also, we’re announced a small bug bounty program, please check it out!

More information is going to be published later, before the start of the test.

Cheers and I hope to see you soon in the game!


Fantastic news!
I’ll definitely participate again if I can, see you all on July 2nd!

Despite i do like the news, I really think you shouldn’t have posted the patch notes and the announcement. The situation is still pretty random and dangerous. I hope you did it because you wanted to and not because of some sort of pressure. A lot of work has been done, and i deeply greatful to those who made it possible. :ani_gawi:

I’m so happy to hear about this project once again. This is one of those that i want to be present and play all the stages possible! Congrats on the amount of work, and count on me to share the word to every friend of mine about the server

I can’t wait!

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I’m so hyped <3 I’m glad to hear this news

I’m excited to hear from you. I hope the project will last forever!

So excited for this! Only a couple more days to go. Do we know when we can start downloading the game client?

The launcher is going to be published tomorrow.