Find a way to dupe items and get up to $300 USD!

Yes, I’m going to send you real money to your Paypal account if you find and report a vulnerability that can be exploited to duplicate items.

My main goal is to make the game safe and stable. The main purpose of the following closed beta test is to eliminate any critical problems that may result in wipes or rollbacks of the game database.
And instead of paying the money to some third-party penetration testers to find those problems, I’d rather reward loyal players.

What “up to $300” means?
The actual amount depends on the severity of the problem and how useful your report was to find and fix the cause of the problem. Which is going to be determined by me personally.
For example, if you find a vulnerability that lets you duplicate any item and you describe clear steps to reproduce the problem in a stable way, you’re going to receive the full amount. On the other hand, even if you provide some small clue, or some extra information that actually helps in finding the cause of the problem, you’re going to receive a portion of the reward, depending on how useful it was.
Any duplicated reports that don’t provide any useful information are going to be ignored.

And please, when you report a dangerous vulnerability that can be exploited by other players, please do it either privately or warn me in advance so other players don’t try to abuse it and get banned as a result.