Closed Beta Test #2

Closed Beta Test #2 starts on Saturday, July 2nd 2022 at 8:00 AM UTC. And it’s going to include full base set of game features like parties, trades, auction market, etc., but with limited game content.

This is NOT yet a finished “playable” version of the game, rather the opposite. Expect to see many problems, crashes, lack of content, imbalances. Also, beware that there is a possibility of partial rollbacks or even a complete wipe if something goes really wrong (but I’ll do my best to avoid that).

Please keep in mind that the closed beta is focused on making sure that all the systems work, while the following OBT will be focused on making the game playable and enjoyable. If you just want to play, I advise you to wait until the open beta.

What needs to be tested

This test is focused on finding and fixing any critical bugs in our infrastructure and stabilizing all important systems of the game. Notably, we need to test all newly implemented features like Skill transfer, Parties, Friendlist and Blacklist, Trades between players, Mail, Auction market, Harvesting, Card system. We’re also going to test the world channel separation shortly after the initial start.
It’s very important to us to properly test various inventory interactions like trades and market to eliminate any critical bugs that can lead to dupes or similar vulnerabilities. This is why we’ve announced a small bug bounty program to reward the players who find that kind of bugs.

Known issues and limitations

  1. Level cap: Base and Class levels are capped to 25; Weapon level is capped to 14 (you will receive no more exp after you reach those levels).
  2. Class change quests are not implemented yet. For now, every class is available in the Cattleya’s class switch menu once you’ve reached Adventurer class level 5 (it will tell you that you haven’t learned any classes if your cLv is below 5).
  3. Minstrel and Hunter classes are not implemented yet.
  4. A lot of item/skill/aura icons are missing: you will see a question mark icon instead. Although, if you see a black square in place of the icon or an incorrect icon, then that’s a bug and it should be reported.
  5. Lack of content: very small amount of content is available at the moment:
    • Only a short intro to the main story;
    • NPC dialogues are available mostly just for the main characters in Hoddmimis;
    • Only a few general quests are available, mostly to test the quest system;
    • Only Hoddmimis, Prontera and the surrounding regions are available at the moment (Including the 1st level of the Cave of Ymir and the Prontera Culvert). Other game regions are currently inaccessible and don’t have any content.
    • Only the Hoddmimis region has the remastered textures.
    • Bosses (monsters with dark-orange names) don’t drop spirits.

For how long will the testing last?

Depends on how smooth the test goes. There is no ending date for now.
It can last for a few weeks or never end but slowly transition to open beta with minimal downtime.
I’m going to decide that after the start of the test.

How to participate?

You just need to have an account on Ymirheim ID (it’s used to log into all our services: game, forums, wiki, and more). And although it’s labeled as a closed beta test, new participants will be able to join with minimal wait time: all accounts are going to be activated within 10 minutes after the registration. This is done to accept new registrations in a more controlled way and be able to pause the registrations if some critical problem with our infrastructure occurs.
If your account wasn’t activated within 10 minutes after the registration, please look for any updates in this thread or on our Discord.

How to report bugs?

Please use the Issues forums category to report any bugs you find. Please create a separate topic for each bug and describe as best as you can how you managed to find the bug (screenshots are welcome!). If you’re not sure if it’s a bug or not, or have any questions about how to report a bug, feel free to ask in our Discord.

Where to download the game?

Download The Launcher (please read this post from the beginning before downloading)

Please note that you have to own a copy of the original game to make the launcher work.
More information on how to install and run the game is available on our wiki.

If you have the game installation from the previous beta test, you don’t need to download anything. Just start the launcher and it’s going to update your game to the latest version.

If you’ve played the game during CBT1, please delete your local game options before starting by deleting all files in the Documents\My Games\Ymirheim\Option folder.

Stay tuned

The message below is going to be updated with the most important news regarding the test.
Also feel free to join our Discord, where you can find a special “status updates” channel with all important news in real time.

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Hooray! A question please. Will the game client from playragnarok2 works with this? I think that’s the only place I can think of to get the original game client.

No, sorry, you need the client of Ragnarok Online 2: The Gate of the World. The one on playragnarok2 is a completely different game, it has almost nothing in common except the name itself.

Ah okay, that’s too bad. If anyone could tell me where they get their original game client or would be more than happy to share it with me I’d really appreciate it! Thanks all.

Join the project’s discord server and message me @Darkt#5120

hi,can u send me a original game client?thx