Ymirheim Community

⚠️ FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

When can we play?

We don’t have any launch dates yet, sorry. At the moment we’re preparing for the first closed beta test. Check out our Discord server if you want to know more.

The launcher asks for the original game client. Where can I download it?

Ymirheim project works as a mod to the original game and can’t function without it.
We do not distribute the original game client made by Gravity Co., Ltd., because it can violate the copyright law. You have to own your copy of the original game in order to install our mod and play on our server. Alternatively, you can ask your friends or other players to share their client with you, but we don’t have the rights to assist you with that, sorry.

Will the game run on Windows 10? What are the minimal requirements?

Yes, our client natively supports Windows 10. Any modern PC (including laptops with integrated graphics) should be able to run the game just fine, although if you have a lower-end machine you might want to turn some graphics settings down to get comfortable framerates.

How can I donate? Is there a cash shop?

Ymirheim is a completely non-profit project, there won’t be any sort of cash shops.
We don’t accept donations, there’s no need for that, at the moment we can support our infrastructure on our own.

How can I help/contribute to the project?

We’re actively looking for artists, 3D-designers, animators for our team to help us improve the game and implement our custom content: from the state of a concept art to a finished piece of the game world.
And don’t worry if you’re a newbie, we all work on this project to learn something new and improve our skills. Our team members will be glad to help you and share their knowledge.
If you’re a programmer or a devops, there also may be something interesting for you. A little later we will publish our server engine source code, once we sort out a few (mostly copyright related) problems.
If you’re interested, please contact me (@Neris) and I can give you more info.

I need help / I want to send a report. How can I do that?

To contact our support team you can: