Closed Beta Test #1

As we mentioned before, it is planned to run three short (from a couple of days to about a week) closed beta tests before launching the open beta. These three tests will focus on identifying critical issues in both the overall project infrastructure and its individual subsystems.

This is NOT yet a finished “playable” version of the game, rather the opposite. Expect to see many problems, crashes, lack of content, imbalances. Also, beware that a complete wipe is possible at the end of the CBT.

In other words, CBT is focused on making sure that all the systems work, while the following OBT will be focused on making the game playable and enjoyable. If you just want to play, we advise you to wait until the open beta.

What needs to be tested

This first test is mainly focused at making sure that our infrastructure works fine and to find and eliminate major problems that may prevent other players from playing.
We also have to make sure that all in-game systems and mechanics work as expected and check the pieces of content that we’ve managed to implement so far.

Known issues and limitations

  1. Parties, Friendlist, and Blacklist are temporarily disabled due to multiple problems in synchronization between the server components. Skills that target party members, for now can be applied to any allied character.
  2. Mail, Market (auction), and Trades between players will not be available during CBT1 and CBT2.
  3. Level cap: Base and Class levels are capped to 15; Weapon level is capped to 10 (you will receive no more exp after you reach those levels).
  4. Class change quests are not implemented yet. For now, every class is available in the Cattleya’s class switch menu once you’ve reached Adventurer class level 5 (it will tell you that you haven’t learned any classes if your cLv is below 5).
  5. A lot of item/skill/aura icons are missing: you will see a question mark icon instead. Although, if you see a black square in place of the icon or an incorrect icon, then that’s a bug and it should be reported.
  6. Lack of content: very small amount of content is available at the moment:
    • Only a short intro to the main story;
    • NPC dialogues are available only for main characters in Hoddmimis;
    • Monster stats and drop rates are properly configured only for Hoddmimis regions;
    • Only a few general quests are available, mostly to test the quest system;
    • Prontera regions are available, but have no content except basic spawns, other world regions are not available at all.

How to report the bugs?

Please use the Issues forums category to report any bugs you find. Please create a separate topic for each bug and describe as best as you can how you managed to find the bug (screenshots are welcome!). If you’re not sure if it’s a bug or not, or have any questions about how to report a bug, feel free to ask in our Discord. For now the bug reporting process is not properly organized, we’ll decide on how to improve it when we see some actual reports.


CLOSED BETA TEST #1 starts on Saturday, August 7th 2021 at 8:00am UTC.

Where to download the game?

(link removed)

Please note that you have to own a copy of the original game to make the launcher work.

How to get access to the closed beta?

Access to CBT1 is very limited. We’re going to invite a very small initial group of players at the start of CBT1, and if everything goes well, we’ll invite more people. We’re doing this to be able find any critical problems before giving access to the majority of players and to be able to react to the problems more quickly.
CBT2 and CBT3 will be less restrictive.
Please see the next post in this topic to find out how you can apply for the closed beta.

This post will be updated with more information later.


Closed Beta #1 Access Request

To request the closed beta access, please vote on this poll.
You will be notified when you receive the access to the closed beta.

The pool is now closed because the CBT1 is over. Please wait for the CBT2 announcement.

Click below to request the access to the closed beta:
  • Please let me in!

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Closing announcement: Closed Beta Test #1 - #11 by Neris

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Thank you for the honest words about what to expect. I’m sure that makes things a lot more easier to experience. And…God bless us all.



Hopefully GM will stream or upload gameplay during test via youtube :wink:

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I am very excited to try it!

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:smiley: I’m waiting to enjoy it too. :cowboy_hat_face:

You can check my stream if you want!

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CBT1 ends tomorrow, August 11th, at 8:00pm UTC.
Two hours before closing, at 6:00pm UTC we will do the final server restart,
after which we hope to see you all at a small closing party (there will be a small surprise!)
All your character data stored before this reset will be preserved until the next CBT.

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Thank you all who participated in the test! Thanks a lot for finding and reporting bugs, making great suggestions, and for just playing and enjoying the game.
It was a truly amazing experience! And it was great to see so many people again in the game!
Hope to see you all at CBT2!


Hope to see you all in CBT2!

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Aww, I missed the final photo, I had stuff going on. I’ll try to make sure I squeese in for CBT2 photo :slight_smile:

^^ same here.