Emoji positioning during character is moving/jumping

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At this moment the emojis are sticked to the character model position(probably chest, pure guess). Which causes the emotions to “shake” a lot. The shaking animation going to be even worse because further into the game characters will get some extra movement speed(which means steps will be performed faster which means even more shaking). Emojis are going to shake a lot and with high periodicity. They are pretty hard to see even now, if the character who perform the emoji is on a decent range and moving/jumping.

I suggest to make emojis to not be sticked to the character model animation but to the character as an object all in all. As for the jumping i suggest to add some sort of limitation of when emoji should follow the character model and when it should not. For instant if character jumps for 2m height than the emoji should not move, if character jumps for >2m height than emoji should move the same distance as the character model traveled over 2m limitation. Same for the falling.

This is fixed now.
Emojis are now attached to the player coordinates, so they are not bobbing any more along with the character head (previously they were attached to the head bone), now they’re following the character more smoothly.
One downside though is they’re now not being lowered when the character sits.

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