Item not deleted from inventory "Averro Reinhold's Fish Soup"

Quest/Event/Dungeon Name, NPC Name:
Averro Reinhold


Party or solo:

Describe the problem (please hide any spoilers under the “Hide Details” block):
I had to deliver food to 5 NPC’s in Hodmimis which ended up in an error, the item for Averro Reinhold was not deleted from the inventory.

What was the expected behavior?:
Item should be deleted from inventory because it is an item that can not be destroyed or sold.

List the steps that occurred before the problem appeared:

  1. got quest
  2. talked to the NPC
  3. Error message + item still in inventory

Do you have any quest items in your inventory?:

Are you stuck and can’t progress further?:
No I can still proceed.

Can you reproduce the problem?:
second time when getting the quest from the Billboard it did not occur, item is still in the inventory though.

Screenshots/Videos (if available):

The fish soup is one of your rewards for the quest. You can actually use it (it also can be bought from the shop).
On the other hand, the error message is a known problem. But it doesn’t break anything for the player, it’s a UI bug, will be fixed later.
Anyways, thanks for reporting!