Lif Island NPCs

Minor grammar mistakes.

Young Man strikes again!

Screenshots/Videos (if available):

“Go catch them up!” should read as, “Go catch up with them!”

[Seaman] Adrian says the ship is finished?

The ship is not completed, it is destroyed! Therefore, the sentence should read,

“Yeah, the ship is done for…”

I’m not sure why we say “done for” when referring to something that is no longer usable, or dead, but that’s just the way it is, I suppose.

Guard (Near the wrecked boat)

The sentence should read,
Come out, ya fool!
I’m not gonna hurt you…

“Too hard…”

Ellr Lady

“Go catch them up,” should read as, “Go catch up with them.”

Nea Sabirine

Sentence should read, “Please go there, I will catch up with you later.”

And that’s it for Lif Island!


Thanks a lot! Fixed.

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