NPC/players view range + hovering over targets effect+ targeting range + NPC/players names visibility range

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Describe the problem: NPC/Player visibility range is the same as the hovering cursor over the target “bright” effect range but targeting action can not be performed at the same radius.

What was the expected behavior?: Visibility radius=hovering effect radius=targeting radius.

List the steps that occurred before the problem appeared:

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I want to add that NPC/character names which is the thing that appears in the closest radius. The radius of this one is pretty small. I would like to additionally suggest to increase npc/char names visibility(appear) radius.

Targeting range is lower intentionally. The same is with the names (although we do need to change it slightly). But yeah, the cursor and the highlight effects should respect the targeting range too.

Done. Now highlighting, action cursors and targeting works in the same range.

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