Quick Step LV 2 wrong buff value

Skill/Item name (if relevant): Quick Step LV 2

Class/Level (if relevant): Assassin 10/11

Party or solo: Solo

Describe the problem: Quick Step LV 2 adds +20 to the melee evasion values which should end up with +200 values in the /attribute window. Adding +20 means that evasion stat in character sheet goes higher but only for 2%. Which is weird because the skill is 30 sec. duration with 1 minute CD.

What was the expected behavior?: Quick Step LV 2 should add +200 value at the /attribute window. Clearly this kind of short duration buff should add more than 2% evasion. Or this skill should be longer than 30sec. duration, maybe half of an hour, or even an hour long.

List the steps that occurred before the problem appeared:

Can you reproduce the problem?: Yes.

Screenshots/Videos (if available):