Stance hotkey missing in options, you can rebind another action over ~

What this problem is related to? (e.g. Website / Launcher / Game / etc. ):
The keybind to set stances is missing in the settings.

NPC Name, Quest Name, Skill/Item Name (if relevant):
Defensive Stance

Describe the problem:
If you rebind ~ key to something else, you can no longer use the default keybinding for stances. Resetting settings to default will not fix the problem. In the options menu there is no keybind for stances.

List the steps to reproduce the problem (if relevant):

  1. Rebind Sit to ~
  2. hit reset to default and relog
  3. try to use stances.

Screenshots/Videos (if available):
n/a Options → Controls

Done. The stance keybind option is now added to the settings.