Survey: What statistics about your character would you like to see?

I’m working on a metrics/statistics system for the game server and I would like to know your opinion…

We’re already collecting:

  • Completed quests stats

Starting with the next closed beta test, we’re also going to collect:

  • Total and AFK play time.
  • Total/PvP/PvE death count.
  • Total/PvP/PvE kill count.
  • Highest melee/ranged/magic damage dealt/received + the skill used to deal it.
  • Highest healing dealt/received + the skill used.
  • Longest miss/crit/block streak.
  • Total class change count.
  • Highest amount of money in the inventory.
  • Highest number of enemies at a time.
  • Amount of times an equipment item broke.
  • Amount of times survived a hit with 1 Health left.
  • Highest running speed.
  • Total quests completed + per quest type count.
  • Total chat messages sent + per message type count.
  • Total number of NPCs visited.
  • Most often visited NPC: name + amount of times.
  • Most often killed monster: name + amount of times.
  • Most common source of death: name + amount of times.
  • Most frequent area of residence: name + total duration.
  • Most often used skill/emotion/consumable: name + amount of times.
  • Amount of times Amulet of Promises has been used.

And later on, when the corresponding features are implemented in the game, we’re going to collect:

  • Advanced PvP statistics (count of wins/losses, ranking, etc.)
  • Dungeon statistics (both per session and total)

This data is going to be accessible using a chat command, and later on most likely we’re going to implement a specialized UI for that as well.

Example output of the statistics chat command

So the question is: What statistics would you like to be able to see about your character? It can be something useful for you or just for fun, out of curiosity. Any suggestions are welcome.

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Hello. Firts, i would like to suggest to make this thread a long live discussion thread, because there are a lot of people that can suggest on that topic and it is hard to make all the suggestion at once. Probably from time to time people might come here and make an additional suggestion. As I understand it, you can track a lot of statistics in the game.

Here is my suggestions for now(i dont know how to classify them, so i just go for a straight enumeration):

  • Highest physical damage dealt(per single damage instance) + name that source of the damage
    Example: Highest physical damage dealt: Strike: 2 500

  • Highest magic damage dealt(per single damage instance) + name that source of the damage
    Example: Highest magic damage dealt: Magic Strike: 3 000

  • Highest Healing dealt(per single heal instance) + name that source of the heal
    Example: Highest heal dealt: Big heal: 2 000

  • Highest Damage/Heal received(per instance) + name the source.

  • Highest amount of money that the character had in its inventory.

  • Most Killed NPC
    Example: Most Killed NPC: Vadon: 9000 times/раз(а)

  • Most often source of death(name the source and times character died to that). Here would be nice to add an environment deaths. But i think this is very hard to do, because environment contains fall damage and drown damageand maybe some extra ways to die.
    Example: Most common source of death: Vadon: 15

  • Most often completed quest(repeatables).

  • Money received from trading to NPC

  • Money received from trading to players.

  • Money received from quests reward.

  • Money received from Auction House.

  • Maybe some additional sources of making money, like dungeon rewards, pvp, if that stuff is going to be implemented.

  • Higest amount of money received per instance for each of these sources.

  • Money spent for each of the sources+highest amount money spent for each of the sources(AH(name the item that the player have bought), Players(name the item that was traded for the money), NPC, craft, repair, weap level up, books, money spent for traveling(ships, teleports, etc.).

  • Most killed boss in a dungeon.

  • Most often farmed dungeon+amount of times the dungeon was farmed.

  • Total dungeon runs.

  • Played time per char+per account(please)

  • Most killed class in PVP+amount of times.

  • Most often killed by class in PVP+amount of times.

  • Time spent AFKing. For instance, if a player was not pressing any buttons for 30(?) seconds.

  • Total books read.

  • Total exp lost on death(i dont remeber if the game even has exp penalty on death, lol).

  • Most frequent area of ​​residence
    Example: Most frequent area of ​​residence: Prontera 600 hours.

  • Most ofter received loot piece. Name the loot+amount of time that loot was received.

  • Total travel distance per character+per account. Includes on land travel distance, by swimming travel distance and flight travel distance.

  • Total travel distance… backward.

  • Most often visited NPC+amount of times. Counts only if the dialog was popped up.

  • How many times a player has repaired its equipment.

  • Total amount of monsters killed.

  • Total amount of quests completed.

  • Total amount of times a player has used the craft(any of it)+the most craftable item.

  • Average Exp earned//Money earnd/Money spent/Quests completed/Dungeon runs/PvP deaths/PvP kills/ PvE deaths/PvE kills(monsters killed)/travel distance/AFKing/Time played per day/week/mounth/year.

  • Total chat messages(across all of the chat tabs)+highest amount per session/day/week/mounth/year.

  • The longest period of time that the chat has not been used.

  • The longest period of time with gaining no exp/money/no travel distance.

This is all that i have for now. I guess it is hard to suggest more based on what we have seen. Sure, more suggestions to come. But we need to experience different aspects of the game. I bet there are a lot of funny/useful statistcs that you can add both for PvE and PvP. It is just we dont know about them yet.

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Wow… Thanks for so many ideas.
Some of those are gonna be challenging to implement, but possible.
We have one limitation though due to our implementation: to keep it simple and fast (real-time results), it wouldn’t be possible to break down that data by time periods (e.g. like your suggestions of average stats per day/week/etc.). Our metrics are implemented as just a bunch of categorized counters (total values) without any association to a point in time.

And yeah I was planning to leave this topic open for later so we can add some more if someone comes up with a nice idea. But the sooner we start collecting that data the better. Because any metric added later on is going to be missing data from the past since we were not collecting that. We’re already going to miss the data from CBT1.

Adding that type(actually, any type) of statistics to a fan-made project is already something extra. Just add what is possible.

  • Highest point reached. From the ground and up, to the point.

  • Highest speed gained. On foot.

  • Largest mob(the amount of monsters in that mob) tanked at a time(per single +battle-battle period).

  • Deepest point reached. Underwater.

  • Amount of items crafted.

  • Number of times a character’s armor(all pieces) was completely broken(red).

  • Strongest enemy killed. Assuming, you can somehow rate the strenght of the monsters. Combined number of all of its stats. No idea. But i saw something similar in some games.

  • How much overheal the character did. Talking about actual healing spells and how much heal these spells did as the overheal. How much heals did the character “waste”.

  • Highest overkill damage. The highest damage that was done past the current enemy health.

  • Amount of points of Rage gained. No idea why do you even need that.

  • Number of times the food buff was gained.

  • Number of times the potions was used.

  • Number of times the character lived at 1 health. Means the character did not die from the next instance of damage after it got 1 HPed from previous instance.

  • How many times the player has logged in. Means actual appearance of the character in in-game world. Like map server or how do you call that.

  • Number of steps performed.

  • The rarest loot the character has received. The lowest % item. Item+drop chance.

  • Number of times an inn has been used.

  • Number of areas visited. Maps, instances. Like, ingame areas. 1 count per area.

  • Number of stats resets.

  • Money spent on the class change. Class switching.

  • Longest “miss” hit streak. How many times. No idea why.

  • Highest amount of damage the character received from falling.

  • Exp gained total. Classes’ exp should be combined but separated from base exp.

  • Number of times the WEEB/weeb(and other variations) word was seen across all of the chat tabs. Do not count if the player typed the word by him/herself.

  • Number of times the teleport spell was used.

  • Highest number of enemies killed per character death. Number of anything that the player killed in between its deaths. The highest one. Basically kill streak.

  • How many times a monster did drop nothing. Don’t know if it is even possible. Counts only monsters that actually have something in their drop list.

  • How many times did the player skipped a dialogue.

  • Duels won. Means actual ingame duel feature with countdown.

  • Most killed player in PvP. Name of the player.

  • Most deaths from a player in PvP. Name of the player.

  • How many times emojis were used.
  • How many times emotions were used.

First post updated with the new list of currently collected metrics and an example chat command output.

Amount of fall damage received. Highest+Total
Amount of drowning damage received. Highest+Total
How many targets at the same time the character hit with a single spell.
Amount of times the warehouse was used.
Longest online session.

Adding to this:

Amount of MP used in total
Amount of HP Regenerated naturally
Amount of MP Regenerated naturally
Zeny/Rup used in shops
Trades with players

Maybe some stats could be tied to achievements.