[2023-05-28] Game UI scaling and bug fixes

In-game UI scaling implemented, adding support for high-DPI screens and fixing a bunch of UI-related bugs along the way.

On screens with high pixel density (like Retina displays on Macbooks for example) it may be desirable to make the game UI bigger to play comfortably. Previously, the only way of doing this was to decrease game resolution, which made the game look blurry and pixelated. This also should improve the playing experience for the visually impaired people or in situations when the game is running on non-standard screens.

Now it’s possible to select desired game UI scaling in the game options in the launcher. Also, the game now properly communicates to the operating system that it supports high-DPI screens.

You can choose among 75%, 100% (default), 125%, 150%, 175%, and 200% scaling.

This feature introduced a lot of changes to almost every part of the game UI system and some UI elements may now look or behave slightly differently compared to the original game. A lot of bugs related to the UI layout and UI rendering have been also fixed (notably, #1320, #1380, #1891).

Unfortunately, there are some known regressions, which hopefully can be fixed later:

  • The color palette in the chat color picker window is not scaled properly.
  • Party leader and party looting leader icons are hidden behind the mana bar of the party members.

Please let me know if you stumble upon any other problems that appeared after this update.

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