A main syoryline quest reward not being given

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When you follow the main storyline quest at the beginning of the game the quest rewards says you get 260 money as reward. When you go to rest in the INN the quest disappears, then you have nothing to pick up and there’s no monsy in your bag given from the main quest completion.

What was the expected behavior?:
to be paid money?

List the steps that occurred before the problem appeared:

  1. started new game.
  2. followed the main storyline quest.
  3. quest completed after staying at the INN part but no money reward given.

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I cna play further but there’s no main storyline quest even after finishing this very early quest of the starting game.

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Could not reproduce.
The main story quest does not have any money rewards. 260 rupee is actually a reward for the Lunch Delivery quest, which becomes available only after you stay in the inn (it’s a personal quest, you have to pick it up manually from the innkeeper).
If for some reason you do see the 260 rupee reward in the UI for the Arrival quest, could you please make a screenshot?

I didnt have any other quest, i’ll start a new character and take a picture.

Okay, thats weird, it’s not happening now… it absolutely said 260 rupee on that Arrival quest when I was on the boat, I know this happened for sure as I was doing a wiki page for the quest as I was progressing through the stages of the quest.

I certainly would NOT have got the two quests mixed up as you cant get the Lunch Delivery quest UNITL you sleep at the INN and this was showing on the Arrival quest log as 260 reward. I certainly would not have reported this if it was a mistake… or added it to the wiki as the reward. oh well, seems it just might have been some freak happening maybe…? I’ll go to the wiki page and edit that reward too.

Maybe something to consider… maybe give some rupee rewards for the stages of the main questline. It’s hard enough to make money as it is, even harder now with the rework of mining node respawns… even if it’s only say 100 rupee, it’s something at least. :slight_smile:

Thanks for looking any hows.

Theoretically it could happen, if there’s some kind of bug in the UI and it sometimes pulls rewards from a wrong quest… But I’ve never noticed that and couldn’t reproduce. So if you find a way to make that happen, please let me know.

The main story quest that we have in the game right now is just a tiny portion of what would be available later. There will be more quests and more rewards. It’s just during this particular piece of the storyline no one gives you any money lore-wise. Why would they do that? They’re trying to help you already, and even pointing you to where you could earn some at the end.

Okay I believe I’ve managed to fix it. The zeny/rupee reward value wasn’t being cleared properly in the UI so sometimes you could see rewards of a quest that was previously displayed in the quest window instead of the rewards of the current quest.

Thank you for reporting. This is going to be fixed with the next update.