[Priest]targeting to buff/heal players issue

Skill/Item name (if relevant): Any heal or buff that you can give to a player Life gift,Regen,Angelus

Class/Level (if relevant): Priest

Party or solo: Both

Describe the problem: When you just target a player and immediately heal/buff a player it will go to you instead of them while they are still targeted and when you cast any of those a again it goes to the target. This happens often while I’m in a party cause I target other players fast and life gift I can’t heal myself with it so if i do it fast I just stand their doing nothing for a sec till I try to use the skill on the desire target.

In the video you be able to see i click on the party member then used the skill fast and in certain situations you have to be fast in who needs to be healed or buffed in party and if this happens in crucial moments it can wipe a party or get someone killed.

What was the expected behavior?: Should of heal/buff them and not me when I target them.

List the steps that occurred before the problem appeared:

  1. Click on any player
  2. Quickly cast a heal/buff right away
  3. Then watch it give it to you instead

Can you reproduce the problem?: Yep

Screenshots/Videos (if available): Priest bug