Death and loot bug

What this problem is related to? (e.g. Game / Launcher / Website / etc. ):

Describe the problem:
After dying, if the dead monster’s loot is close to the character’s body, it is possible to press C and enter the loot screen. With this the character gets up, even though he is dead.

What was the expected behavior?:
The correct thing to do would be to not be able to get the loot, and as a result the standing character wouldn’t be dead.

List the steps that occurred before the problem appeared:

  1. I killed a monster near me
  2. I pressed C to get the loot
  3. And then the character gets up even though he’s still dead

Can you reproduce the problem?:

Operating System, Browser version, Antivirus, or any other related platform information (if relevant):
Not necessary

Screenshots/Videos (if available):

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I also experienced this bug. >.<

Thank you. This is going to be fixed with the next update.

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