Friends list does not update

What this problem is related to? (e.g. Website / Launcher / Game / etc. ):

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Describe the problem:
Friends list constantly stops showing who is online or shows some and not others

List the steps to reproduce the problem (if relevant):

  1. First time to see the list displayed
  2. Afterwards it no longer displays. Only if people get back online.

Screenshots/Videos (if available):

For privacy reasons, the other player also has to register you as a friend in order for you to see their online status. You won’t see anything if they don’t add you as a friend as well. Are you sure you both have each other registered as friends?

Yes, for example from the list, the players “YaeDoLL” and “LadyAnn” added me too, and both were online at the time of the print. Although only Yae responded.
The problem happens intermittently, there are times when it doesn’t show anyone online, even though they are. And there are times when it shows some and others don’t.

I’ll take a look.
If you find any way to reproduce it in a repeatable way please let me know, because looks like this one is going to be tough to find.

I can try to find a way to record when I’m online and so are my friends. But it’s really difficult, because there’s no error or anything, it just doesn’t show them online even though they are.

We noticed that the list tends to present problems when changing maps or even loading after death. After this scenario, the list no longer worked.
Confirmed… To replicate the error, change maps or return after death.

I recorded two videos that should help a lot to demonstrate the problem.

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This is going to be fixed with the next update. Thank you for reporting.